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Stockholm News: How to Create The Perfect Picnic, Part 1

Top 10 Ingredients For a Perfect Picnic in Stockholm, Wisconsin (or as many as we think of... it's a picnic, who's counting, right?)

Ready for a picnic? Sure you are! It's easy, it's old-fashioned, it's romantic, it's kind of European, it's great for families and even better for cartoon bears and ants! We'll even look the other way if you have your picnic in an RV :)

Picnics are great for quick stops at scenic vistas, day trips or overnights with friends, family or loves.

1. Pick a date

Maybe you aren't the spontaneous, where-does-this-little-road-go, wandering type. That's okay, we like it right where we are, so we get it. Here's a rundown of events you can plan your picnic around:

May 13-15 Spring Fresh Art Tour

June 4: The Tour de Pepin: The slowest people-watching you'll see on wheels

Tillie on her Thistle*
If you've ever driven around Lake Pepin this time of year, you may have done a double-take when you saw these guys: these gutsy vintage bike fans dress in their Sunday best as they toodle along Highway 35. Even as the modern day whizzes past, they calmly make their way, holding their hats and hoping their skirts don't blow too far up.

Insider tip: Some riders have discovered the invigorating and youth-giving powers of pie and have been seen to alight for a dally at the Stockholm Pie Company. 

The tour has three options, the 12- 32- and 72-mile (!) routes. You can ask them why the funny numbers, but we think it's because they look olde timey.

*Tillie Anderson, “The Terrible Swede,” who was world champion of women’s bicycling from 1897 to 1902.

They may be old, but they're slow! 
You can try and keep up on one of our blue bikes, but don't take one too far away: it's our only public transportation.

Or just stand and wave your homemade Swedish flag.

June 26 Midsommer Swedish Festival
(don't forget your homemade Swedish flag

July 16 38th Annual Stockholm Art Fair

August 6 Dog Days of Stockholm

September 24 Food, Wine and Cider Festival


Fall Equinox Festival

October 7 - 9 Fall Fresh Art Tour

November 5 - 6 A Women's Weekend 

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