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Performance Arts in Stockholm Includes Music & More

At Stockholm's Widespot Performing Arts Center, music, theater, film, community events and enrichment are all part of the mix.

The performing arts have been going strong all winter in Stockholm, and spring is no different; you’ll find the Widespot's schedule to be a refreshing mix of comedy, music, film and classic poetry.

The Mouse that Roared, March 21, 22, 28 & 29, 2014
Stockholm’s second annual community play, The Mouse that Roared opens Friday, March 21, for four performances over two weekends. This will be the Widespot Players’ second community theater production. Described as a, “Hilarious, rib-tickling comedy with a message,” the story revolves around a miniscule, backward country who dares take on the armed might of the United States, hoping to lose…. “But then things happen.” And that’s when you know you’re in for an enjoyable production and some good laughs. Fans of community theater will surely rank this performance among their favorites. Event Info...

Goin’ Coastal, Sunday, April 6, 2014

If past performances are any indication, the third of the live Goin’ Coastal podcast programs is a must-see. Featuring talent from both sides of Lake Pepin, the one-hour live radio variety program delights audiences (and listeners) with sketches, music and special guests. Live-performance attendees experience a unique perspective; actors in and out of character, creative sound effects, and more! Event Info...

Gasland II, Saturday, April 12, 2014
GASLAND PART II, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, shows how the stakes have been raised on all sides in one of the most important environmental issues facing our nation today. In this explosive follow-up to his Oscar®-nominated film GASLAND, filmmaker Josh Fox takes a deeper, broader look at the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the controversial method of extracting natural gas and oil. The free showing is co-sponsored by Maiden Rock Concerned Citizens and Lake Pepin Partners in Preservation. Event Info...

Food for Thought: Shakes on the Lake, Saturday, April 25, 2014
Shakes on the Lake is an ode to the Bard. Celebrating the birthday of the English poet, playwright and author, look for a great evening of all things wonderfully Shakespeare. The event kicks off with a potluck, followed by an engaging program. As is the annual tradition; bring a favorite dish to pass. Event Info...

As always, a complete listing of events, show dates, times and tickets can be found on the Widespot Performing Arts Center's brand new and updated website.