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A great place to bring your family…

Our path to ownership of TansyHus was not a straight line.  In fact, we took a circuitous route halfway across the country to arrive in Stockholm.  Our interest in Stockholm began while residing in rural La Crosse when we frequently traveled the Great River Road between La Crosse and the Twin Cities.  We loved the Stockholm area so much that we made a pact to someday have a home here.

For decades, our path took us away from Stockholm, eventually leading to Pasadena, California.  In the meantime, our daughter Andrea and her husband Stanton Sears purchased a thirty-five acre farmstead five miles north of Stockholm.  Today known as Blackcat Farmstead, the property houses a large art studio where public art is conceived and fabricated.  The Little House, an 1800s dwelling from the Laura Ingalls farmstead a mile away, was recently moved to the property.  Today it is home to a fiber studio. 

In 2005, we returned to Stockholm for Thanksgiving to visit Andrea and her family.  Our interest in owning a home in Stockholm was immediately rekindled.  The next year we bought the John and Hannah Lindgren home at W12066 Second Street.  We had to work through decades of neglect to the home, but, by the end of 2006, we had completed our initial rehab and offered the house as a vacation rental.  We named it TansyHus.

We find a similarity to our arrival in Stockholm with that of Eric Peterson, Stockholm’s founder.  Just like us, Eric passed by the Stockholm area many times and fell in love with it.  He traveled on a riverboat; we traveled via the Great River Road.  He had a dream of making Stockholm a Swedish settlement and stacked a claim to it.  We had a dream of owning a home in Stockholm and now we do.  After staking his claim, Eric left for Sweden to bring his family to Stockholm.  Our daughter and her family brought us finally to Stockholm, too.  We share a connection with Eric of Stockholm being home and family. 

We invite you to bring your family to enjoy our TansyHus.

We’d love to see you again,
Sandra and John Myklebust