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Renowned Fresco Painter Mark Balma Now at Abode Gallery

Abode Gallery is proud and thrilled to be offering the latest works by internationally-known painter, Mark Balma. Though he is a Minnesota native, he has lived, studied and worked abroad in his pursuit of the ancient practice of fresco painting. For those of us who can't travel to the churches, cathedrals, colleges (although there is one in Minneapolis and another in Winona) or private collections, this is a truly remarkable opportunity. Balma's works are rarely this small and are usually done on commission for private  parties like clergy, royalty, presidents, prime ministers, and heads of industry.

Fresco painting requires patience as the artist builds a wall of layer upon layer of tinted plaster. Each layer is a watercolor made of truly organic media: hand ground minerals and essential oils are the ingredients Balma has learned from Italian masters and handed down from the time it was first invented by Leonardo da Vinci.

Fresco artists must also see their works on vast panels. These are not works to be framed, but to admired from afar, giving the viewer a spiritual perspective of awe.

Nevertheless, Balma is a peripatetic painter. He has lived in England, France, Italy, Minnesota and now calls Stockholm, Wisconsin his home.

This is a rare occasion to see Balma's works close-up. Abode Gallery is also pleased to represent Balma's works for sale and to arrange formal commissions. The still lives we have in the gallery are imbued with a spiritual light that must be seen in situ and we're exhilarated to have these gorgeous images on our walls, among our thoughtfully curated works.

Consider commissioning a traditional portrait for someone in your life: a cherished elder, a notable board member, church official or inspiring business or community leader. Perhaps a retirement gift to a beloved parent or respected boss. How about a truly unforgettable commemoration of an occasion like a wedding or an anniversary or birth?

We look forward to hosting an event for Balma during the traditional Fall Arts Preview in September. He can tell you how to arrange a sitting or simply talk about Italy or how he decided to devote his life to the pursuit of this ancient art.

Please call or watch this space for more details.