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Lake Pepin’s amazing fifth season is almost here…

Every year as the snow melts, Lake Pepin experiences its fifth season, flooding.  Right now the water is high, but the flooding into Village Park has not yet begun.  When the snowpack in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin melts, we expect the park to be flooded as it is every spring.  The high water mark remains noticeable on some of the trees in the park.  At one time, the larger trees were fenced to prevent beaver from girdling the trees during the flood season.  Girdling can kill a large tree.  With fewer beaver today, the trees are no longer fenced because the girdling threat is gone.

The flooding season helped the formation of Lake Pepin.  The lake was formed by the fast-flowing Chippewa River dumping sediment into the slower-moving Mississippi.  The sediment raised the river bottom, forming a sandy delta.  This created a natural dam, an impediment to the Mississippi River’s flow.  The natural dam slowed the river, and the water upriver broadened out, forming Lake Pepin.  During flooding season, the Chippewa River brings more water and, consequently, more sediment, which continues to replenish the natural dam.

During the fifth season, the river, the lake, and the park offer views that you cannot experience any other time of the year.  We encourage you to visit during the next few weeks and see these amazing views.  Bring your cameras and binoculars to get the best look at a safe distance.  Stop by Stockholm for a refreshing beverage, delicious food, and fascinating merchandise.  Take a look at the new items for spring in the shops.

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