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Stockholm News: How to Create The Perfect Picnic, Part 1

Top 10 Ingredients For a Perfect Picnic in Stockholm, Wisconsin (or as many as we think of... it's a picnic, who's counting, right?)

Ready for a picnic? Sure you are! It's easy, it's old-fashioned, it's romantic, it's kind of European, it's great for families and even better for cartoon bears and ants! We'll even look the other way if you have your picnic in an RV :)

Picnics are great for quick stops at scenic vistas, day trips or overnights with friends, family or loves.

1. Pick a date

Maybe you aren't the spontaneous, where-does-this-little-road-go, wandering type. That's okay, we like it right where we are, so we get it. Here's a rundown of events you can plan your picnic around:

Your Images of Stockholm Wisconsin

We love watching all the photographers (and plein air painters) who come to our region and take home pictures of what they see here. Whether it's the river, the architecture, the people (or the dogs!), the bluffs, the eagles, the boats, or the population sign, everyone notices something new.

We live here because of those views but we are enchanted when we see yours.

Once in awhile we stumble across your photos and your blog posts and it's always a thrill.

Would anyone like to send us their pictures or their memories of Lake Pepin or Stockholm, Wisconsin?

Just email them to stockholmmerchantsassociation at or post them to our Facebook page.

We'd love to include them in our own photo gallery.