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Enjoy the natural abundance…

We love the abundance of nature just out our door at A Sense of Place and Spring Street Inn in Stockholm.  Our yard, a Certified Wildlife Habitat, is teeming with birds, butterflies, and beautiful plants.  Up and down the street, flowers are bursting with color and fragrance.  Eagles and hawks soar overhead.  Across the Great River Road, Lake Pepin offers new sights every day.   

We want to help you enjoy the natural abundance in our backyard and yours, too.  With that in mind, we are building our stock of hands-on items for appreciating nature.  You will find birdhouses galore at A Sense of Place, all of them locally handmade of durable, natural materials.  Get a closer look at nature with our three different sets of binoculars.  Choose a 10 power, a zoom 10 - 30 power, or a 5 power for kids. 

Introduce kids to nature though a book from our selection that includes see-through pages, accompanying CDs, and other tools to capture their imaginations.  Identify wildlife and plants yourself by using one of our nature guides which cover the entire Midwest.  Whatever the depth of your reading experience, you will discover a book you’ve never seen before at A Sense of Place

Buy a kite featuring animals or a rainbow of colors and experience the power of the wind.  Our kites start at $10. 

Stop by, and we’ll help you find more fun in nature.  Stay the night at Spring Street Inn to absorb firsthand the wonders of nature in our backyard.  

We’d love to see you again,
Paul and Pam Larson
A Sense of Place and Spring Street Inn