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Meet a red-haired girl who keeps horses in her kitchen…

Meet Pippi Longstocking, a red-haired girl who keeps horses in her kitchen and wins wrestling matches with the circus strongman.  Pippi has captivated today’s American children.  They find humor in Pippi’s authority-challenging ways and love the fun adventures that author Astrid Lindgren wrote.

Read aloud a story featuring Sniff, Snork, and Snork’s love interest the Snork Maiden, The Moomin characters.  Created by Tove Jansson, another Swedish author, her stories use a sly humor that will entertain you as well as the children who are listening.

Discover the tiny world deep in a Nordic forest where miniature children wear mushroom caps and have toads as friends.  Peter in Blueberry Land and other timeless fairytales by Elsa Beskow pull you into the wonderful worlds from her imagination.  Writing at the kitchen table with her six children milling about her, Elsa absorbed the energy of her happy children into her books.  You’ll find a special life to her stories and illustrations.

Pippi, the Moomins, and the miniature children of Beskow’s magical forests are classic characters in Swedish children’s literature, as popular in their home country today as they were 60 years ago when the books were first published.  At Ingebretsen’s av Stockholm, we keep these wonderful books in stock because, really, what would a Swedish store be without a volume of stories about Pippi, The Moomins, and the miniature children?

Stop by Ingebretsen’s soon, take one or all three of these characters’ stories off the shelf, have a seat by our book section, and spend some time with the creations of these Swedish authors’ imaginations.  You’ll enter a world with a bit of magic.

We’d love to see you again,
Diane and staff
Ingebretsen’s av Stockholm