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Celebrate the season of love and hope with St. Lucia.

During the early morning darkness in cities, small villages, schools, businesses, and churches on December 13 throughout Sweden an ancient and beautiful celebration begins.  Wearing a white gown, red sash, and crown of lighted candles on her head, the eldest daughter of the family serves coffee and saffron buns to her family, awakening them as she sings a traditional song, Sankta Lucia.

Sankta Lucia, or Saint Lucia, is a Sicilian saint credited for saving the people of Värmland many centuries ago when there was famine. As legend has it, on December 13 a large white ship filled with food and clothing sailed into the harbor.  At the bow stood a beautiful young woman dressed in white with her head encircled by light.  The ship unloaded its cargo, and, once that was done, the ship vanished.  The grateful people believed that Saint Lucia, the saint of light, had come to save them.  Ever since, Saint Lucia found a home in the hearts of Swedes.  Her gift of light is celebrated on the darkest day of the year.  Go here to see an image of Lucia Julrader (Christmas Row) and members of the Svenkarnasdag Girls Choir.

Today, St. Lucia ushers in the Christmas season of love and hope both in Sweden and in Swedish-American communities. At Ingebretsen's av Stockholm, Saint Lucia ornaments, trays, coffee services, and electric Lucia candle crowns (perfect for young Lucias and safety-conscious parents) are available to make your celebration as beautiful as it is joyful.  Even if celebrating Saint Lucia isn't a family tradition for you, you can always start!  

For some families, Lucia day is a wonderful reason to have an open house.  We certainly feel that way at Ingebretsens.  We invite you to come to the store and join our St. Lucia celebration.  Make the holiday your own with light, food, family, and love.

We wish you and your family the very best Christmas season.

We’d love to see you again,
Ingebretsen’s av Stockholm