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Visiting Stockholm: Where to stay when you visit

You won't find the usual motels; our lodging options have a historic, creative and artsy vibe, just like our village.

The balmy days of summer are just around the corner. If you're like us, you've been daydreaming about your warm-weather adventures and beginning to plan your summer getaways.

You wouldn't expect a village of our size (just 66 residents at last count), to offer much in the way of lodging options; actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our village has six unique establishments that offer a variety of accommodations and amenities for your overnight stay. Plus, Stockholm Village Park offers tent and RV camping, too.

Now, you won't find a Marriott or Hilton here in town, which visitors to our area don't seem to mind one bit. And we're glad because we've always been about a different experience here on the shores of Lake Pepin.

Instead, you'll find a quaint cabin on the lake, suites in a historic inn, a cozy bed and breakfast, and entire vacation home rentals. Depending on whether you're visiting alone, as a couple, or with the family, you will find many options and settings to choose from.

And your overnight stay comes with more than a room; you'll find peace and quiet, fantastic views, quaint shops, and delectable food here. But more importantly, our proprietors all make wonderfully welcoming hosts.

Select the lodging option to best suit your needs and visit. Find more information and direct website links to all of our accommodations here. Find more information on camping in Stockholm Park here.