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What is up With The Blue Bikes?

We'd heard of other destinations offering blue bikes free for visitors to ride and thought that some Stockholm visitors might like to pedal around rather than walk. With our visitors in mind, the merchants found some easy-to-ride bikes, painted them blue, and placed them in the rack near the intersection of Highway 35 and Spring Street. Visitors tell us that the bikes enable them to cover more ground more quickly, see more of Stockholm, and slip in a little exercise. They can have a little extra fun without bringing their own bike.

You are welcome to use a bike to pedal around Stockholm the next time you are in town. You do not need to check it out. Just go to the rack, select one from those that are there, and ride. Our only request is that you return the bike to one of the four racks in the village when you are finished so that others may easily enjoy it, too.

Check out the blue bikes on your next visit to Stockholm. If you are in town on a rainy day, use one of the blue umbrellas that you will find in the stores. We have those for your use, too, as well as the community "blue bowls" that you will see around town for our four-legged friends!

We'd love to see you again,
Stockholm Merchants

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