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The golden eagles are thriving….

Volunteers turned in a count of 140 golden eagles from the bluffs spanning southeast Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northeast Iowa, and northern Illinois after the Wintering Golden Eagle Survey a couple weeks ago on January 19.  This is the largest count of golden eagles since the annual survey began nine years ago.  Past counts have found between 60 - 100 birds.  The golden eagle population appears to be increasing in other parts of Wisconsin, too.  The recent Lower Wisconsin Riverway eagle count was more than double the count of a year ago.   

Since golden eagles winter here but do not nest in the area, this information is important to help the species through education of the public, landowners, and conservation managers.  Likely, most of these birds raise their young in Ontario where golden eagles are on the endangered species list.  In nearby Quebec, golden eagles are listed as threatened.  Prior to conducting this annual survey, golden eagles were not considered to be inhabitants of our area at all.  Now we know differently.

 Project co-coordinator Scott Mehus thinks that part of the increase in numbers is due to “more observers out looking for golden eagles and more people who know where to find these majestic birds.”  The dark colors of the golden eagle are easy to spot against the snow in the fields and the ice on the water.  When you next drive the Great River Road, watch for golden eagles.  Remember that their winters here are helping the population to thrive.

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