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Watch the flocks against the backdrop of mahogany and gold.

This weekend watch the flocks against the backdrop of mahogany and gold.  Catch a glimpse of hawks as they flood south in huge “kettles.”  Fall is the best time for hawk-watching.  Their migration lingers through October, and right now lots of red-tails can be seen from the Great River Road.

You’ll likely see flocks of seagulls, too.  As they gather in great flocks on ponds and marshes, they are clearly visible from the Great River Road.  Look for the herons and sandpipers which stray into the flocks to feed.  Click here to see a flock near Stockholm.

Savor the wonderful mix of mahogany and gold from the oaks and aspens which came early this year.  This colorful backdrop is prevalent on the Great River Road and inland country roads through the bluffs.

Swing into an orchard and taste the flavors of fall.  While many orchards in the area are suffering low production due to the late frosts in May, the moderating air of Lake Pepin saved the orchards near Stockholm.  They are experiencing a bumper crop of apples.  Stop by, sample the apples, and stock up on your favorites.

Remember to visit Stockholm as you enjoy fall along the Great River Road.  The stores have colorful fall items and the eateries are featuring the bounty of fall in their menu offerings. 

We’d love to see you again,
Stockholm Merchants