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See the Hardanger lace creations of talented Diane Hoven.

While lace-making is a tradition throughout Europe, at Ingebretsen's we are particularly fond of Hardanger lace which originally was from the Hardanger District in Norway.  We are fortunate to have local lace-maker Diane Hoven whose work is high quality and beautiful.  When Diane was a young woman, her aunt encouraged her to learn Hardanger.  Diane enjoyed it and applied herself toward the art in earnest in 1982 when she bought Hardanger books. In the thirty years since, Diane has received top ribbons at county fairs, the Sons of Norway District Convention competitions, and Sons of Norway International Convention competitions. When you visit Ingebretsen's av Stockholm and see Diane's Hardanger lace, you will realize that all those awards were richly deserved.

Traditionally, Hardanger lace is made with white thread on white even-weave cloth.  Today many different colors of fabric and thread are used.  Hardanger is a combination of embroidery, wrapping threads, cutting threads (gasp!), and pulling threads out of the fabric. Stitches have descriptive names like dove's eyes and spider's web filling. The patterns are geometric and balanced. While Hardanger lace was originally used for caps and aprons, now talented artists such as Diane apply this technique to all sorts of items from bookmarks to tablecloths. 

We understand that you might be nervous about spilling red wine on textile art such as Diane's creations.  That’s why we offer plenty of other Hardanger items that you can use to make your home beautiful.  You’ll find that each piece at Ingebretsen's is unique.  Stop by soon and see Diane's one-of-a-kind creations.  You will likely take one home with you.

We’d love to see you again,
Diane, Carstens, and staff