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Take your senses on an adventure.

Journey along the Great River Road to Northern Oak Amish Furniture and Gifts in Stockholm and take your senses on an adventure.

At the front porch, the sounds of the busy swallows building new nests will catch your attention.  Delight in these sounds of spring.

As you cross the threshold of the wide, solid-hinged door, look around at the dancing grain patterns of the different woods that dress every inch of the store.  These include the aggressive yet soothing grain of the Grey Elm and the soft and delicate designs of Cherry and Brown Maple.  Take note of the ever classic and timeless tight grains of Quarter Sawn White Oak.  If you’re not certain which wood is which, ask us.  We love to talk about them.

When your eyes draw you toward a finely-crafted piece, reach out and touch it.  Feel the smooth, glass-like finishes that dress the designs of the tables, chairs, beds, and other items that cover the showroom floor.

Draw a deep breath and enjoy the unique smells of the freshly-finished pieces, the cedar-lined chests, and sunshine-infused patio furniture.

Think of how your mouth will water in anticipation of the meals you will share with your family and friends at your new dining room table.  It will grace just the perfect spot in your home for that truly one-of-a-kind custom-built piece.  At each meal, you will be reminded of your delightful journey to Northern Oak Amish Furniture.  Treat your senses to an adventure soon.  

We’d love to see you again,
Paul Taylor