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Just like your grandma's kitchen but with more tables for sitting and relaxing...

We hope you will share our excitement about the changes at The Stockholm Pie Company.  Our new kitchen is completed and open.  You now have more tables for sitting and relaxing while you indulge in your favorite piece of pie, enjoy lunch, or begin the day with our new breakfast! 

Starting the first weekend in May, the same weekend as the 100 Mile Garage Sale, we will be opening at 8:00 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for breakfast.  Just like in your grandma’s kitchen, you have a choice of our own homemade granola, egg bakes, quiches, coffee breads, or best of all – buttery cinnamon toast made with breads from our recipes.  You may also select our apple-sausage-cheddar cheese and pear-bacon-blue cheese savory pies to kick off your day. 

Did you grow up eating hot dishes or casseroles, maybe tator tot hotdish along with a side of Jello?  We have been reading old cookbooks that have pages of hot dishes and other delights. From the cookbooks’ inspiration, we are bringing this nostalgia back to eating with a twist - gastronomical feasts that bring up memories of church basement dinners, family picnics, and family suppers.  Every weekend you will have the opportunity to take a different trip down a foody memory lane. Please check our website for these weekend specials.

You will find sandwiches delicious and fun here, too.  Start with your choice of our homemade bread for grilled or regular sandwiches.  Then order one of the specialty sandwiches below or your favorite traditional sandwich. 
  • The “Janet” is a grilled sandwich with chicken, bacon, Mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, and tomatoes. 
  • The “ Alan” features a grilled cheese with sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, and blackberry/Habanaro jam.  
  • The “Steve” includes Steve’s favorite lunch growing up which was Cheez Whiz on white bread, Cheetos, and a Coke.  Yes, you can get that here.  The last customer who had The “Steve” called it a hit!
  • The “Amy” is a classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on our homemade bread. 
  • The “Tully” offers her favorite fruit – bananas with peanut butter. 
This year, try each and decide which is your favorite.  Delight in our famous pot pies, too.

If you want to make certain you get the pie of your choice, remember to place a special order.  Call 715-442-5505 to do so.

We’d love to see you again,
Janet Garretson
Stockholm Pie Company