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Enjoy the lights of John’s inspiration this season…

When my husband John and I moved back to the Midwest from Pasadena, California, in 2012, we were attracted to the natural beauty and historical significance of Stockholm.  We bought TansyHus, built in 1904 by John Lindgren, the village blacksmith.  We employed our experience and talents to turn the house that sits proudly on a hill well away from busy Highway 35 into a relaxing vacation rental. 

John had a concern about the village, though.  As an architect and international lighting designer, John had an affinity for light.  To his dismay, he found Stockholm chilly and dark.  After dark during winter, he marveled at the village’s beauty.  The snowlight reflected off the shop windows and created a picturesque scene. This prompted him to think of a way to replicate the light and enhance it all through the village.  On his nightly walks through the village with Bernadette, our golden doodle, and Charlie, our terrier mix, he began to imagine a Festival of Lights.  He envisioned all the stores embellished with similar white icicle lights.  He would give each building individual attention and situate the lights to complement its architectural details.  Dubbing the production TheFestival of Lights, John presented his inspiration to the merchants, and they embraced it enthusiastically with money and encouragement.

When you visit Stockholm this winter season, you will see the results of John’s inspiration, nearly 1,000’ of energy efficient LED lights operating from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.  Notice the pine trees and other common area features that will also be illuminated, accentuating spaces and individual shop keepers‘seasonal decorations.   Take the opportunity on Saturday, December 7, to talk with John, iesna, aia, from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. about lighting.  He will be in The Flat above Ingebretsens .   You can enjoy Swedish treats and wassail at the same time. 

We will culminate our first annual Festival of Lights on December 21, the winter solstice.  The program is being designed in collaboration with Mykelbust+Sears, the designers of Stockholm’s Fire & Art 2007-2009.  We’ll give you more details on the event later. 

Light is “that quality or tool by which we have gained almost all the knowledge we have about our universe.”  Jean Houston, author of Mystical Dogs in animals as guides to our inner life.  Enjoy the lights of Stockholm this season.

We’d love to see you again,
John and Sandra Mykelbust
owners and managers,
TansyHus, a Vacation Rental in Stockholm