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Visions of Stockholm

Sometimes we see pictures and souvenirs that visitors have posted on their websites or in image galleries. It's a real treat to see our town through other peoples eyes and when we find a good one, we'll share it here. Let us know if we used something of yours without permission!

This is from someone called "Roger LeCodger" and apparently he and some friends stopped in for some pie on Father's Day. His Picasa galleries shows a man with a love of motorcycles, long trips and friends with a good sense of humor. We're glad he found a reason to spend some time here.

Roger LeCodger photo gallery

Movie filming in Stockholm

A bit of excitement in town for a few days this week as the feature film "Girl Meets Bike" takes place in Stockholm. The film is being produced by Winter Lights Film Company with producer/director Eric Tretbar. Gelly's was the setting for many of the shots on the 19th and more filming will take place on the 20th at Spring Street Inn. Pictures available on Stockholm's facebook page, "Stockholm Wisconsin, Small Village, Big Arts."

The Minnesota Film and TV Board has a list of big and small productions featuring our beloved landscape.

Great new article on Stockholm from Wisconsin Dells/Madison

Beautifully done story in the Portage Daily Register from a first time visitor to our little village!