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Our pie flavor dilemma

Sometimes customers at Stockholm Pie Company can’t make up their minds as to which pie they want to order.  “All your pies look good,” they remark.  In an effort to decide which to get, they continue with questions.  “What's your best seller? What's your favorite pie?”

These are difficult to answer.

We don't have one best selling pie. Returning customers often like one particular flavor too much to try another.  We have one customer who orders triple chocolate pecan with chocolate ice cream.  Another wants sour cream raisin every time. A friend of mine has learned to come early if he wants to get his favorite, coconut cream. At this time of the year, we have trouble making enough rhubarb pies. Since appearing on's list of the 53 best things they ate in 2012, double lemon pie disappears quickly.

When I'm asked my favorite, I reply, “Everything but raisin sour cream.”

On the other hand, Amy, who makes our pies’ flaky crusts and tremendous breads, loves raisin sour cream. Melissa, who is responsible for many of the single crust pies, savory pies, and quiches, likes to eat chocolate cream and peanut butter fudge for breakfast. Leora, who helps fill in the gaps and smiles at the counter, shares with customers that her favorite is triple chocolate pecan.

Therein lies one of our big dilemmas.  Each day we wonder who is going to want a particular pie, how many we need, and what flavors should we make.  Some days, triple berry pies are gone in a few hours. Other days, they sit on the shelves while customers can't get enough caramel apple crunch.  Often times, new customers will want what the person sitting outside at the table is eating. Those days, that pie sells out quickly.

We do have a standard list of pies that we make every day.  If you come in early enough, you most likely will find apple, caramel apple crunch, apple crisp, double lemon, peanut butter fudge, pecan, triple chocolate pecan, triple berry, and several cream pies.  Depending on the day of the week, we add other fruit pies such as cherry, berry cherry, and key lime. We also like to try new pies.  This week we are making a coconut cream brownie pie.

We really dislike disappointing you when we don't have your favorite pie.  If you want to make sure you get your favorite pie, here are some suggestions.  Call ahead and place an order, whether it's for a whole pie or slices.  Order cream pies by noon a day ahead.  Be certain to come early, especially on a weekend.  By the middle of the afternoon, choices are limited .

Earlier you can also enjoy our breakfast sandwiches, chicken pot pies, savory pies, individual vegetarian quiches, pulled pork sandwiches, or grilled sandwiches. Add a slice of pie for a great lunch or follow Melissa‘s example and have a piece for breakfast.  Like some customers, you may want to eat the pie first.

We’d love to see you again,
Janet Garretson
Stockholm Pie Company