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Stockholm News: How to Create The Perfect Picnic, Part 2

One of the best parts of a day trip or a drive around Lake Pepin is finding the perfect picnic spot. The bluff country all along Highway 35 is unique for it's coulees, valleys, hills and winding country roads. You can start at almost any county road and see where it leads you or you can set out on a hunt for a place to spread your blanket, open your basket and see how much sweeter it is to eat under the sky and trees.

One of our favorite tricks when hunting the perfect picnic spot is to take advantage of the beautifully landscaped cemeteries in the area. Cemeteries are popular places in historical regions like Western Wisconsin. These little spots that remain among the fields and pastures are peaceful spots where local families can visit their loved ones. What a lovely way to spend some time in and around Stockholm, Wisconsin.

Here are a few we've found:

Stockholm residents and visitors are fortunate to have a really nice little campground right on the shores of Lake Pepin. We see day trippers, overnighters, summer vacationers and people just looking for a nice spot to lay a blanket.

Of course you can grab a bottle of local wine or beer, a snack, a piece of pie or a full gourmet picnic with everything you need right in town.

Of course you can do what we do and find your own way--discover and explore the wonderful world of Stockholm, Wisconsin. You might just stay a little longer than you expected.