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Enter a modern twist on that little general store…

In yonder years every small town had that quintessential quaint little general store. You could go in and get some of the basics, chat with neighbors, and find a little treat.  I remember the one in the little town in which I grew up.  It was filled with interesting items and tasty tidbits along with stuff you just needed.

Stockholm still has a taste of those days in Stockholm General.  Residing in part of the old Swanson's and later the Bile's General Store building which served the village of Stockholm until the 1950's, Stockholm General continues their tradition.

Entering through the 100-year-old double doors flanked with flowers and the sign offering "useful advice and adequate conversation," you immediately see a modern twist on that little general store from the past. You still find some of life's necessities:  batteries, first aid items, and other basic sundries. You also discover an up-to-date selection of the best that Wisconsin has to offer.

That includes tasty treats, vintage candies, mouthwatering mixes, and a stunning array of scrumptious treats from the kitchen:  jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys, sauces, salsas ... more than you could possibly imagine. Along with all those flavorful items, you will discover a large assortment of clever and hard-to-find kitchen gadgets.  We have lots of those "What a great idea!" items such as the ever popular "last drop" spatulas and the "pinch and smidgen" measuring spoons.

Our most amazing items are the vast array of additional Wisconsin-made ones, including an impressive collection of some of the best award-winning Wisconsin cheeses. To accompany your cheese, explore one of the largest collections of Wisconsin wines in the state. From local to Door County, we have over 80 different savory wines to wet your palate. If beer is more your style, mix and match a six pack from over 55 different Wisconsin beers. We feature a great assortment of products from Wisconsin's top distilleries:  Wisconsin-made vodka, gin, and liqueurs.  A bit of our village’s Scandinavian heritage is also available in the Swedish vodkas and Danish aquavit.  In addition, we have wine and beer accessories and gifts!

As you wind your way to the back of the store, you will locate the espresso bar serving absolutely the best espresso drinks on the lake and select tasty treats, all made in Wisconsin, to finish your latte break.

Step into the general store and step back in time with a delicious, Wisconsin twist.

We’d love to see you again,
Steve and the gang
Stockholm General