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Unbelievable vitality in such an unexpected place.

Every day people enter Abode Gallery and comment on how finding such vitality, such a creative arts scene, and so much to see and do in tiny Stockholm had been unexpected.    You may be one of the many who have stopped by Abode Gallery and shared how special Stockholm is to you and how our town has become a constant joy.  For you, stopping in Stockholm is a tradition when driving the Great River Road.  Our town is tiny in population but big in the quality of what you find here.

We can’t thank you enough.  Our 60 + local artists can’t thank you enough.  Tully the wonder dog can’t thank you enough.  Because of you and your patronage, Abode has become one of the premier art destinations in the Midwest.  We love to see familiar faces walk in the door, and we love to see those faces bringing in new faces!  Your willingness to share the uniqueness of Stockholm and Abode keeps this place vital and vibrant.

As the years have gone by, we have added to our corner at the junction of Highway 35 and Spring Street.  Stockholm General with an amazing array of the best of Wisconsin food, cheeses, wines, and beers has become a destination in its own right.  We partnered with my sister and opened the Stockholm Pie Company.  Talk about a destination.  Wow!  The lines out the door on a Saturday afternoon attest to the power of pie, especially some of the best pie in America.  Top all of this off, literally, with WideSpot Performing Arts Center, a wonderful non-profit organization that offers interesting live performing arts and community and educational opportunities in the old opera hall on the second floor above Abode and Stockholm Pie.  

We can’t wait for you to visit again and take home a piece, or two, of what we offer.  We hope that it will help connect you to this unexpected place we call home.

We’d love to see you again,
Alan Nugent
Abode Gallery