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How do we keep the blue bikes in working order?

We are fortunate to have the blue bikes regularly serviced on a volunteer basis by Mike and Benita Warns, a couple from St. Paul.  They replace parts, change tires as needed, and bring in replacements for those bikes which are beyond repair.  We also have several people in town who do minor servicing and see that the bikes are distributed among the four bike racks. 

At any given time, we have about 25 bikes in service for our guests’ use.  All of them are in various shades of blue and single speed with coaster brakes, making them very easy to ride.  Feel free to take one from any of the four bike racks around town and use it to ride around the village.  Our only request is that you return the bike to one of the racks when you are finished so that others may enjoy the bike, too.

For your safety, be sure to ride with the traffic on the right side, not on the sidewalks.    

Take a ride on the blue bikes on your next visit to Stockholm.  If you are in town on a rainy day, use one of the blue umbrellas that you will find in the stores.  We have those for your use, too, as well as the community "blue bowls" that you will see around town for our four-legged friends!

We’d love to see you again, 
Stockholm Merchants