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Celebrate the season of light with us...

At Ingebretsen’s, we love the Swedish celebration of light this time of year.  In anticipation of Christmas, virtually every window in Swedish homes, apartments, and businesses has a star or electric candelabra to shine throughout the Christmas season and bring light into the dark days.  The effect is magical.  A part of Swedes’ Advent celebration, a candle is also lit on each of the four Advent Sundays.

We love St. Lucia Day, December 13, too.  The name Lucia means “light.”   During the Middle Ages, the Swedes were suffering through a severe famine.  According to legend, on December 13 a ship glowing with light appeared on Lake Vannern in Sweden carrying a woman dressed in white with a glow around her head. The ship brought desperately-needed food to the people and then quietly sailed away.  The Swedes dubbed the woman in white St. Lucia, who was actually an Italian saint, and ever since celebrated her during the darkest part of the year.

Many families who celebrate the day have their eldest daughter wake early and wear a white gown with a red sash and a crown of candles on her head.  She serves the rest of the family coffee and Lussekatter (Lucia buns).  While her younger brothers and sisters may act as her attendants, everyone becomes involved by singing traditional Lucia songs.

Whatever their origins, today’s festivities are lovely, light-filled, and an opportunity for family and friends to spend time together.  Mothers can now buy Lucia crowns with electric candles for the safety their daughters in white.  Although some Swedish-Americans prefer to host parties later in the day, they continue the tradition of coffee and Lussekatter.  In this season of sharing, we are making our favorite Lussekatter recipe available for you.  Go here to receive it.  

We invite you to stop by Ingebretsen’s this weekend and celebrate light with us.  Find out more about St. Lucia Day.  Bring your family.  Learn about St. Lucia together.

We ‘d love to see you again,
Diane and staff