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Indulge in the relaxing decadence…

At TansyHus a historical vacation rental, we enjoy the comments our guests leave in our journal about their adventures while visiting.  We love Heather C’s message in a child’s large but legibly-printed letters.  “Heather C. is a funny monkey and wants to live in this house FOREVER AND EVER!  Well, at least for a decade.”

Another group of guests were “off to pick apples at Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery.  We headed home in the rain.  We will be back next summer on a sunny day to pick berries.”

Sometimes, our guests’ purpose is to do nothing at all.  “This house is bigger, brighter, and cleaner than my own and has a faster Internet connection, too!  The place is loaded with charm and comfort…  On day one we just rattled around this big ole place with no pretense.  It seemed so very decadent.  We read and walked, read and napped, read and ate, read, and then retired for the night.”

Last fall, a guest and her husband extended their stay after discovering the Great River Wine Trail.  They deemed the wine from locally-grown grapes quite outstanding, much to their happy surprise.  As the day ended, they relaxed on the veranda and watched a storm roll in.

We invite you to book a stay at TansyHus, relax on our veranda, savor the local produce, and indulge in the decadence of charm and comfort.  Call Sandra on her cell at 626-523-8910 or e-mail  

We’d love to see you,
John and Sandra