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Building Boom in Stockholm

Lots of hammering in Stockholm these days

We have caught the remodeling itch in Stockholm. The new SideSpot Stage is being built in the garden adjacent to the Spring Street Arts Building that houses WideSpot Performing Arts Center, Abode Gallery, Stockholm Pie Company, and Stockholm General. The Spring Street Inn has restored the open porch that faces the garden and Highway 35. Out of The Blue Gallery is adding a covered patio and display area along and over the sidewalk to the main side entry. All three projects are enhancing Stockholm’s charm and will add to your enjoyment when you visit.

The SideSpot’s inaugural event will be the Summer Solstice Celebration hosted by the Harbor View Cafe and WideSpot in the evening, Tuesday, June 21. This is a fundraiser for WideSpot’s ongoing capital projects such as the stage, bathrooms for the theatre, moving, and installation of the historic grand piano coming from the Schubert Club of Minnesota. Three wonderful bands, Katherine Hinderlie, Kris Risch & Lisa Luebker Risch, and the American Strings, the three piece version of the renowned High 48's, will perform. We invite you to attend. Enjoy the new stage, Harbor View Cafe food, the entertainment, and the sunlight on the longest day of the year!

The Spring Street Inn’s restored open porch is similar to the original on the historic building. We wanted the porch to dress up the building and bring back the charm of the 1850's. We invite you to stop by and check it out the next time that you are in town.

Out of The Blue’s covered patio and display area is up and awaiting the clear polycarbonate roofing which should arrive soon. This roofing is transparent. You will be able to see the sun and stars right through it! The area under this roof is getting a facelift with new paving. We are also rearranging this area so that we have more space for our garden, lawn ornaments, and furniture display. We are fencing the area so that we can lock it up at night and not haul everything in and out each day. Go here to see the addition.

We anticipate that the addition will be completed in two to three weeks, just in time for July 4 and the Art Fair July 16. Stop by and watch the progress.

We’d love to see you again,
Stockholm Merchants

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