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Suddenly and unexpectedly, the opportunity arose….

Suddenly and unexpectedly, thirteen years ago I started Out of the Blue Gallery.  Having owned the building for eight years, I was surprised when, without warning, my tenant closed his retail business.  For several years I had thought about running a shop, and I decided that was a good time to give it a try.  Since the opportunity arose from out of the blue, I gave the shop that name.

I allowed myself a two year trial period to see if I enjoyed the shop.  Thirteen years later, I’m glad to share that I still do!

For fifteen years I had created pottery and for several years fashioned jewelry, both of which I had sold at art fairs.  This background helped me select what to carry in the store.  We strive to have a broad selection at affordable prices.  We carry jewelry, clothing, accessories, artwork, home décor, books, lotions, soaps, patio and garden items, and more.  Stop by and read our cards.  They are laugh-out-loud funny!  Since I have lived in Pepin County for almost forty years, I also give information and advice on all things local. 

This old, unique building started as a feed store and over the years has been repurposed and improved.  Our most recent improvements happened last year when we added an old-fashioned garden shed and garden room addition.  This gave us a place to display our large selection of garden ornaments and a garden spot complete with benches for you to relax in the shade.         

As a founding member of the Stockholm Art Fair, I invite you to attend this year’s event on July 21.  If you do, take an air-conditioned break at Out of the Blue Gallery.  Sit for a while in our garden and watch the morning glories rapidly climbing the lattice walls or stroll through our hosta glade.

We’d love to see you again,
Pam Olson
Out of the Blue Gallery