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Meet the “factory” that makes Stockholm pies…

Someone new to the Stockholm Pie Company walked in last weekend and immediately asked, “What factory makes these pies?”

Kent, our friendly pie server, pointed to his fellow servers and said, “We are the factory that makes these pies.” 

Yes, we are the “factory” that hand makes each item sold in our little shop.  Each crust is individually stirred up and rolled out.  We don't use mixers to blend a crust; we mix it with a fork and a pastry blender.  A plain, old-fashioned rolling pin is our tool to roll out the crust.  We hand peel and slice our apples.  We only choose fresh apples; our apples have never seen the inside of a can.  We never pour any commercial pie fillings into our crusts.  We make cream pies with select ingredients that we mix up and cook on the stove.  We never have a box of pudding/pie filling in our kitchen.  The whipped cream on our cream pies comes from real cows, whipped up right here.  All of the ingredients in our pies are real and made by hand.

Amy's Handmade Bread for our sandwiches is stirred up and hand kneaded in our kitchen.  Amy has a patient touch with the bread, kneading until it is just right.  Imagine one of her freshly-baked 9 grain or cheddar chive buns with our pulled pork and homemade barbecue sauce!  Mmmm….

Fall brings back some our favorite things to eat – handmade apple dumplings and pumpkin pie.  Apple dumplings will be available the second weekend in September.  Have you tasted pumpkin pie made with honey?  Yum!  You can order that honeyed pumpkin pie now.  The pie will appear on our menu in October. 

Yes, Stockholm Pie Company is a small shop, but every single item on our shelves was hand made right here, all real and delicious, by our “factory” personnel.  Our goal is to have each item worth the time and effort you take to visit our shop.  Due to the popularity of our pies, we advise you to place an order ahead of your arrival and to come early.   

We'd love to see  you again,
Janet Garretson and staff